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Update on Questasy, a Data Dissemation Tool Based on DDI3
Edwin de Vet

Last modified: 2013-10-10


Questasy is a data dissemination tool based on DDI3. It is written in CakePHP and uses a MySQL database. With the new release, we added two new major features: multilingual support and DDI import. Until recently, Questasy was only able to deal with two languages. Now we added the possibility to have question texts and categories in an unlimited amount of languages. A DDI import (based on version 3.1) was written that can import single wave studies as well as longitudinal studies consisting of multiple waves. The import can deal with standard DDI elements such as question items, question constructs, variables, code schemes and categories. The existing Questasy DDI export was improved by including more DDI elements in the export and allowing caching of created DDI XML files. These new features allow efficient and robust transfer of questionnaire metadata using the DDI 3.1 standard.

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