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Integrating DDI with Metadata for Qualitative Data: Fully Implementing the QuDEx Standard
Louise Corti, Darren Bell, Agustina Martinez

Last modified: 2013-11-04


The UK Data Archive is a mature archive that has been using DDI and its predecessors for over 40 years and is currently transitioning to a DDI-L compliant data management system.

In this paper we discuss how we have implemented a digital data browsing system for qualitative data based on highly structured data and metadata.  The crux of this exciting project has been the incorporation of object and sub-object level metadata using the QuDEx metadata schema in addition to DDI study-level metadata, and using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) for encoding textual data.

The QuDex schema was initially released in 2006 following a project undertaken by the UK Data Archive and Metadata Technologies.  The schema has been updated following testing and has formed the basis for the grander DDI Qualitative Working Group model released only recently. QuDEx enables simple description of collections, data objects, parts of data objects, captures formal relationships between them, and analytical elements such as categories, codes and memos.  We will showcase how QuDEx has been implemented in the UK Quali Bank browsing system, our use of an XML database (namely Base X) to store and deliver both metadata and textual data, and Solr for powerful searching.

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