EDDI Conference System, EDDI12 – 4th Annual European DDI User Conference

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DDI Resource Packages and how they can be used in the data production process
Hilde Orten, Joachim Wackerow

Last modified: 2012-10-18


DDI Resource Packages structure study independent metadata that are intended for reuse in a project or department, institution, network of institutions and in public. Typical examples of metadata that usefully can be structured in DDI Resource packages are standard classifications, high quality survey questions end variables etc.

The following presentation first introduces DDI Resource Packages at a conceptual level. Two examples of possible Resource Packages will then be shortly introduced. The first example is of a Resource Package for the Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), for which work is ongoing with the aim of realising a real example. The second example represents some ideas for a Resource Package for some Background Variables from the International Social Survey programme (ISSP). Based on these examples, the presentation will show how a DDI Resource Package can be useful in the day-to-day work throughout the data production process of an institution or project, and also point at some tools using the Resource Package that could be of help. A set of guidelines for developing and managing a Resource Package will be outlined in the end.

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