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Incentivising Uptake of Metadata in the Social and Behavioural Sciences
Louise Corti

Last modified: 2014-10-30


To some metadata is a complete way of life; to others it is a swear word. The meaning has numerous interpretations, but everyone who uses DDI knows exactly what the term means.

In this talk I will explore some of the great work being done to help incentivise those working in the domains of the Social and Behavioural Sciences to embrace metadata. I will provide examples from the UK that focus on: persuading survey producers and survey software vendors to appreciate and smooth the metadata journey; the work being done to help researchers at the coalface understand why good metadata matters; work to retrospectively fit a range of complex study documentation into structured metadata for a common search portal; and outreach work with data repository managers to show how DDI can be used as the model for describing most research projects and resulting data. Finally I will give an example of a new cohort study that is planning a lifecycle approach to metadata by considering sustainable metadata from its inception.

The trick is to keep it simple, using community narratives to gain trust and compliance.

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