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Infrastructure for Data Collection, Research, and Archiving

Shifting from the Codebook Model to the Lifecycle Model of DDI: The Specifications of the French Center of Socio-Political Data (CDSP) PDF
Alina Danciu, Alexandre Mairot
Enhancing Discoverability of Public Health and Epidemiology Research Data PDF
Arofan Thomas Gregory
Metadata Requirements to Document Data Analyses and Syntax Files in a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) PDF
Uwe Jensen
An Open Source, DDI‐Based Data Curation System for Social Science Data PDF
Limor Peer, Ann Green, Jeremy Iverson, Niall Keleher, Dan Smith, Stephanie Wykstra
Facilitating Shared Survey Metadata across the Life-Cycle in Longitudinal Studies - A UK Perspective PDF
Jon Johnson, Louise Corti
Protocol Development for Large-Scale Metadata Archiving using DDI-Lifecycle PDF
Will Poynter, Jennifer Spiegel
Creating a Joint Metadata Domain for the Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe PDF
Catharina Wasner, Stephanie Roth, Olof Olsson
Incentivising Uptake of Metadata in the Social and Behavioural Sciences PDF
Louise Corti

Official Statistics

Creating a Model for a Central Metadata Repository PDF
Klas Blomqvist
Use of DDI at Insee PDF
Guillaume Duffes
Issues, Current Status, and Perspectives about DDI in the National Institute Of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI) PDF
Silvia L. Fraustro
Progress in the Use of DDI, SDMX, GSBPM, and Other Standards Inside and Outside of Statistics Denmark PDF
Mogens Grosen Nielsen, Anne Sofie Kjeldgaard, Jannik Vestergaard Jensen
The Copenhagen Mapping - GSIM 1.1 and DDI 3.2 PDF
Dan Smith, Jannik Vestergaard Jensen, Mogens Grosen Nielsen

Data Harmonization

Application of DDI Comparison Capabilities to a Multi-Site Sexual Behaviour Data Harmonisation Exercise PDF
Chifundo Kanjala, Tito Castillo, Gareth Knight, Jim Todd, David Beckles, Basia Zaba
Leveraging DDI 3.2 to Power a Harmonized Data Extraction Tool for MIDUS PDF
Barry Radler, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith

Software / Tools

The DASISH Question Variable Data Base: Developments and Outlook PDF
Håvard Venge Bakkmoen, Hilde Orten, Benjamin Beuster
The DASISH Questionnaire Design Documentation Tool: Keeping Track of the Questionnaire Design Process PDF
Håvard Venge Bakkmoen, Hilde Orten, Yvette Prestage
A Common Metadata Understanding for the Three DASISH Survey Tools PDF
Hilde Orten, Taina Jääskeläinen, Edwin de Vet, Brita Dorer
The DASISH Translation Management Tool: Adapting Existing Software to DDI PDF
Maurice Martens, Brita Dorer, Taina Jääskeläinen
Collaborative Editing and Versioning of DDI Metadata: The Latest from Cornell's NCRN CED2AR Software PDF
Benjamin Perry, Venkata Kambhampaty, Kyle Brumsted, William C. Block
The IAB Metadata Portal: Consolidating Different Data Sources in One Application PDF
Iris Sonja Dieterich
An Integrated, Open Source Data Archiving System PDF
Adrian Dușa, Sorin Milutinovici, Cosmin Rentea, Letitia Velcescu
DDI on Rails - version 1.0 PDF
Marcel Hebing
Exporting DDI 3.2 from IBM SPSS Data Collection using Colectica Designer 5 PDF
Robert Pratt
Machine Actionable Integration of DataCite and DDI Metadata PDF
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
Lessons Learned from Using DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary as a Backend Data Model PDF
Matthäus Zloch

Metadata Specification

XKOS (Extended Knowledge Organization System) and How to Use it PDF
Franck Cotton
Generating Database and Domain Models from DDI 4 PDF
Oliver Hopt, Brigitte Mathiak
DDI 3.2 Best Practices - Consistency and Interoperability PDF
Dan Smith


Let’s Disco - Publish Your DDI Metadata as Linked Data PDF PDF
Thomas Bosch, Benjamin Zapilko
A Hands-On, Practical Introduction to DDI Using Colectica PDF
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
Working with the STARDAT DDI-Lifecycle Library PDF
Alexander Mühlbauer

Poster / Software Demonstration

DDI on Rails PDF
Marcel Hebing
Work Towards a Common Metadata Model for the Three DASISH Tools / The DASISH Questionnaire Design and Documentation Tool (QDDT) and the Question Variable Data Base (QVDB) – First Developments and Outlook PDF PDF
Håvard Venge Bakkmoen, Hilde Orten
Protocol Development for Large-Scale Metadata Archiving Using DDI-Lifecycle PDF
Will Poynter
Colectica for Excel: Bringing DDI to Excel PDF
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
New Features in EpiData - Among Others Exporting from Epidata to DDI 3.1 and Easy Archiving PDF
Bodil Stenvig, Henrik Sejersen, Torsten Bonde Christiansen, Jens Lauritsen

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